MG University BCOM

MG University BCOM

The B.Com. (ComputerApplications) programme of Mahatma Gandhi University ceases to be a mere university degree at DCSMAT. It becomes more of an absorption process. The students cease to learn and listen. They absorb and evolve. The reason is, at DCSMAT, we see them as aspiring tomorrow makers. And for us, we are the environment that nurture the powerhouse in them. Offering the best quality education, providing the best of faculty, and a futuristic ambiance are not the only condideration  when aspirants opt for DCSMAT.

Its the skilfully designed curriculum, sessions that cannot be contained in a class room, case studies that reflect life, role-play for hands on study, learning becomes an empowering experience, exercises and simulation games to keep them on their toes, project works which reward a richer experience and yes, the ubiquitous discussions, exercises and field studies that come with the burden of a degree. And we are proud to undertake the responsibility of mentoring the tomorrow makers.

B Com Programmes USP’s


  • Fully Residential Programme
  • Unique Gurukulam Concept of Learning
  • Excellent Faculty Pool – IIM Trained
  • Continuous Industry Interface
  • Interaction with Corporate Leaders
  • Fully Stocked State of the Art Library
  • Communication & Personality Development
  • Tutorial session for week students
  • Opportunity for IBM and SAP Certifications
  • 100 % Placement Support
  • Add-on courses
  • First Year      – Financial Management, Marketing Management and Human Resource  Management.
  • Second Year – Logistics and Supply Chain.
  • Third Year   – DBF (Diploma in Banking and Finance from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance).
  • In other words – an Unique & Exceptional UG Programme

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