MBA, the flagship programme of DCSMAT is well reputed in the academic echelon for its brilliant faculty and excellent academic and infrastructural facilities. While the School in Vagamon offers the MBA of Mahatma Gandhi University, which is reputed for unparalleled track record in academic achievements, the School in Thiruvananthapuram offers the MBA of University of Kerala, which is renowned as the sanctuary of knowledge for the last seventy five years.

The two year programme is divided into four semesters of average duration of six months each. The organizational study at the end of the second semester and the project at the end of the fourth semester enable one to achieve excellence in various aspects of management.

The DCSMAT MBA is an exploratory and experiential learning process. The programme is designed to make the student a thorough professional with a focused mind that is essential for acquiring the ability to take right decisions in no time. The experiential learning also widens the scope of careers that one can pursue, which culminates in successful professional attainment.

Further, the Institute offers dual specializations as well as a number of add on courses to keep up with modern industry needs and requirements. The focus in DCSMAT is one of student centered approach where the faculty uses case studies, role plays, group assignments, computer based activities, simulations etc. to facilitate learning. Apart from university curriculum, interactions with eminent personalities from the industry, workshops, project work etc. provide hands on experience.

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