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Life at DCSMAT

It’s often said that, “the difference between the ordinary and extra ordinary is the little extra”. As a student, I feel that every student must know the little extras that should be added to his life to be the extra ordinary. There are many ways that you can think about yourself and reflect upon the nourishing experiences you have while you are here. For me, words can’t describe the way in which DC has transformed me to a person who knows that the essence of commitment is exerting mind and effort to stay in the game long enough until the end. I learned the value of perseverance in thought and action which helped me achieve what I have never imagined doing.

Life at DCSMAT has transformed me in subtle ways and they have all added up to make me extraordinary over a period of time. DCSMAT concentrates on the residential type of education or the Gurukulam method where every student is moulded to be true professionals.  It was entirely a new experience for me, when I came to DCSMAT.  The presence of all faculty, staff and students in this 24 x 7 environment, makes it an ideal place for regular interaction, guidance, counseling and coaching.  Timings are no constraints; anybody is available at any point of day or night.  This close-knit and highly interactive environment, resembles our ancient gurukulam system of education, where education encompassed all spheres of existence, with the guru and the chelas living, eating and praying together and sharing knowledge with one another. We call it as Corporate Gurukulam where every student is moulded to be true professionals.

The training at DC made me receptive to the ideas from which ever quarter it came. Guest faculties and guest talk from industrial expertise bring true real time learning to the educational system.  Apart from the curriculum oriented approach, DC has adopted and emphasised more on the career oriented system of education.

Through its wonderfully crafted course structure, I must say that DCSMAT has injected every ingredient in me, to be at par with a world class manager. Every moment spent in the campus has in fact been a learning experience for me from the case study analysis, quizzes, class participation, evening presentation etc. DC has got a unique system of education system that makes every student ready to face the corporate challenges.  Nurturing the qualities and concurrently correcting the weaknesses have helped me get ready for the corporate world successfully.  Lectures I heard with rapt attention and the leadership skills I developed as a DCian stood me in good stead and helped me to change in tune with the need of the time.

Over these two years, I have discovered the corporate person in me, got an exposure to the greater world, came into contact with the wide vistas and found the self-confidence to take on the future challenges of corporate life. This experience has had a tremendous effect on my mental makeup and totally changed the way I have seen things for a long time. This place has brought out the best in me and shaped me for my foray into the future. The school has been a great support in my life because I have used my training as a guiding light on the highway of my life, the clarity that it gives to my mind has inspired me to be a productive member of my family and to the society. It helped me see that anything that’s a dream today can become a reality tomorrow.


Jacob Zachariah, MBA 10 B

Student Centered Learning – The Hallmark of DCSMAT

At DCSMAT we follow the student-centered learning process, where the faculty acts as a facilitator and sessions are conducted with active student participation.  It is a student centric learning experience.  We owe it to our Dean Prof. Sreekumar Ancheri, who made us realize that it is not only the faculty who we learn from, but that every student in the class is a learning ‘resource’.  Apart from regular lectures, students are given due exposure to a number of real life case scenarios accompanied by brain storming sessions that literally wrack our brains and force us to develop out of the box thinking which adds value to each one of us.  The immense number of titles available in our library again is one of our invaluable assets through which we convert our abstract ideas into concrete information that supports our discussions.

We at DCSMAT Media and Business School have an edge in terms of industry exposure.  Our proximity to Technopark and Kinfra Apparel Park proves to be an advantage, due to the frequent visits from industry experts to the campus.  It gets even better since it caters to our needs of regular trimester internships and mini projects, in addition to the fact that we are constantly under the scrutiny of prospective recruiters.

Another value addition would be LMCW (Learning Management through Case Writing).  It enables us to learn management through industry interface, where we, the students go out into the industry and interact with the entrepreneurs of small and medium scale enterprises, extract information from them regarding their functioning, the problems faced by them and come back to the class room to share the bits of information that we gather.  This procedure goes on till we have had an understanding and them proceed to writing the case under the guidance of the faculty such  learning methods give us a 360 degree learning experience adding more value and giving us enlightenment

Asha, PGDM 2010-11 Batch, Trivandrum

E-learning Facilities in DCSMAT

DCSMAT and technological innovations, I sincerely feel, are synonymous.  The day I stepped into the College, what struck me first was the optimal use of technology in all activities, most strikingly in academics.

My first encounter, like any other student, was with the famous “Moodle”, the Course Management Software.  I think this – is the most innovative of our e-learning facilities.   Moodle caters to all our academic needs, assists instructors in giving assignments, uploads cases, articles and other reading materials to be followed up by the students.  We find it extremely useful to enhance our performance and to create and operate groups and discussion forums using the internet. It also helps us in time management and also to be systematic in organizing and completing our academic assignments.

The second most important of the e-learning facilities available in the college are the e-journals and the newly introduced e-books the library. The wi-fi facilities in the campus enable us to access these journals and books on our lap tops at any time of the day. The Streaming Video facilities provided by the library give us access to a host of events of the past such as guest lectures, advertisement, college functions etc.  This is extremely convenient – even if we miss the session we can go through the session at our convenience.

Another great facility that we have is the Interactive Video Conferencing Facility.  We are now able to have live interactions with eminent professors and industrial experts from India and the rest of the world, through the video conferencing facilities.

All our class rooms are equipped with e-boards and overhead digital projectors. These teaching aids are efficiently utilized by the teachers so that we are kept abreast of the frontiers of e-technologies for class room teaching.

No doubt, the e learning experience in DCSMAT, has facilitated my learning process greatly.  A novel experience for me, since this is my first exposure to this high tech academic environment.

Meenu, PGDM 2010 – 12 Batch, Vagamon

Weekly Internships

While pursuing my PGDM at DCSMAT School of Media and Business, the most useful and rewarding of my experiences was the weekly internships that I had to undergo with reputed organizations.

Weekly internships are scheduled for Thursdays of every week. You will find us all ready to proceed at 9.00 AM. The canteen has provided us all with a large packet which is lunch for the day. The college bus drops us at the gate of the Techno Park from where we travel to our respective companies in the company vehicle. The college bus takes us back to the hostel at 5.00 PM. On the way back we discuss and share our experiences for the day.

The company I went to was India Infoline at Trivandrum. It was a stock-broking company. As I had ‘Finance’ as one of my specializations, I was given the task of monitoring the financial transactions of the company with its customers and improve its profile in the market. I had to attend to calls from the customers and at times had to ring them up. I also had to achieve a minimum target of Rs 50000/- in deposits from the account holders.

I enjoyed my internship days as they were very challenging ad enriching. I was able to relate it to the theory I was learning in the college. I became more aware of the intricacies of real stock business. I had to use all the communication and presentation skills that I had acquired to convince the clients to do business through the company. My interactions with the customers also improved my negotiation skills.

I believe that, in no other business school that a student like me can avail such an opportunity to enrich my student life.  The learning that I get through these internships at DCSMAT, is what I feel, the best that I am going to take back. I am sure many of us are going to be absorbed into the companies where we have done these internships.”

Tony Joseph – PGDM 2010-12 Batch, Trivandrum

Mentoring and Personality Development in DCSMAT

Student Ownership Programme (SOP) is a mentoring programme unique to DCSMAT which helps us to develop the additional skills required for a manager.  A member of the faculty is assigned a small group of students with the task of development student’s soft skills, like reading, writing, vocabulary building and listening.  The faculty has one to one interaction with each student, which helps them to know the exact problem that the student faces academically and personally, and they help them to find a solution.  The faculty members also monitor the progress of their assigned students.  I have found the SOP sessions very interesting and beneficial.  It has triggered my interest in reading books and searching for knowledge.

Gallop is a personality development programme oriented towards achieving better placement.  The Gallop sessions have given me opportunities for rigorous training for excellence in areas of communication, interpersonal skills, language development, body language, presentation skills and pronunciation.  When I joined DCSMAT, I was very shy, not able to communicate with skill or speak in public and giving presentations was really a nightmare. . But now I feel very confident of speaking in public convincingly and putting forth my ideas forcefully and effectively. I have changed very much for the better and convinced that an impediment in my progress has been removed.

Personality Development & Placement Training

It is my experience that DCSMAT has always provided the best personality development and placement oriented training to its students. The school has several innovative training practices to bring out the full potential of its students in all spheres of corporate life and to augment every DCian’s Intelligence Quotient. Perhaps its greatest bonus is the in-house training it offers to us in between our class sessions. I have seen and felt my confidence grow in abundance through programmes like SOP, Gallop and Evening Presentations, fine dining sessions etc.

Student Ownership Programme (SOP) is a unique process where individual mentoring is done for making each student aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and  be prepared to take on responsibilities as future managers.

Gallop is designed primarily to hone the leadership and communication skills of DCians. Through this programme the students also imbibe social grace and soft skills essential for a successful corporate life.

Another uniqueness of DCSMAT is the Evening Presentations. This activity helped me a lot in overcoming stage fright and improving my public speaking, presentation and communication skills.

Then there are the various club events in which we are encouraged to participate. These are not only fun activities, rather a platform for testing our teamwork and event management skills.

Apart from the training provided by the internal faculty, the school brings in the best known trainers and professionals from the corporate world.  The college takes every effort to mould the students into perfect management practitioners. The ultimate external course of training being offered is capable of transforming the students from their mundane level of thinking and behaving to a professional.

We are being trained by the corporate trainers like Athulya Consultants, Drona Vista, Les Mentors etc, to name a few. The areas in which we are being trained extend from critical thinking to emotional intelligence.

The Atulya Consultants of Chennai is renowned for their cutting edge approach in providing training in the areas like creative thinking, interpersonal and group skills and decision making. Their 4-day long basic course in these respected fields will definitely lay a foundation for the big bang to come.

‘Achieving Excellence’, an advanced 5-day training programme, is absolutely true to its title. It not only brings in the desirable changes in  the individual which makes them fit for the industry, but it also caters to the various  needs of its clients in achieving the excellence. This fruitful session is carried out in full vigour by the famous Les Mentors, Chennai.

Training is also given on key areas like basic and advanced Microsoft Excel and logical reasoning.

Dronavista is yet another name synonymous with management training on emotional intelligence that is overwhelmingly received by the DCians.  The fine dining experience that DCSMAT provides is a class apart.  I think everyone loved the experience.

What more do I need to say? I already feel like a pro in management!!

Akhil V Kuruvilla, MBA 2010 -12 Batch

Developing One’s Social ad Corporate Skills – The DCSMAT Way

I came to DCSMAT as a reserved, shy and confused individual but DCSMAT with its non-conventional value-added teaching and training programs has transformed me into a confident and proficient person. I am proud to be a part of this great institution which is indeed the best MBA colleges in Kerala.

During my first trimester itself, thanks to the interactive sessions of the Student Ownership Programme, I had a steady improvement in key areas such as communication and presentation skills.  Besides SOP, we had various activities like evening presentations, role plays and several brainstorming sessions wherein we had the opportunity to discover our different dimensions.  It was during these sessions, that I had the opportunity to explore the intrinsic qualities latent in me.

After several of the SOP, GALLOP and C-Lab sessions, there is a perceptible improvement in my overall personality and confidence level. Suddenly I realized that I had achieved an edge over my peers and was confident of outshining them in the industry.

We got an excellent external training program consisting of internships and mini project works for companies of different verticals. These activities imbibed in me a first hand feel of the challenges relating to the real business world.

Network dinners that I attended along with my classmates at Taj Vivanta, Mascot and Leela- Kempinski as part of the seminars provided me with great opportunities to get acquainted with people from the corporate world who could be my prospective employers.

I can boldly say that DCSMAT focuses on planting and nurturing a profound  passion in  the students to pursue top level academic proficiency. Basic principles for optimizing our potential to shine in our respective career path have been instilled into us.

Midhun  Charles, PGDM-10-12 Batch, Trivandrum

DCSMAT – A North Indian Student’s Perspective

It is very difficult to explain all my experiences at DCSMAT in few words, but I would like to share it with all of you.  Firstly as a north Indian it was initially difficult for me to adjust to the food, language and culture, but the friendly support from the faculty, the jovial relationship with the seniors and classmates made me feel as if I was at my native place.

I soon found out that, in our college, stress is given to the learning of the practical nuances of management science and this makes the institute one of the best B-schools.  The facilities for e-learning, exposure to industries through weekly internships and guest faculty of international stature such add up to make this one of the outstanding institutes in Kerala.  Only the other day, we had a very interesting interaction with Capt Krishnan Menon, the MD of Leela Hotels, during his book launch at Hotel Leela Kempinsiki  in Kovalam.  We also had the opportunity of listening to Shri Oomen Chandy, the Chief Minister and also to Dr Shashi Tharoor, MP.  Just this month, we had the opportunity to hear from Dr Binayak Sen.  These are great opportunities, at Trivandrum campus.

Truly speaking, DCSMAT has given me the best of training and exposures that can be expected from the very best of the B Schools in India. After comparing with the institutions that my friends have gone to, I can vouch that DCSMAT has the best of academic, physical and management infrastructure that any serious management student can wish for. DCSMAT has everything in place to bring out the best in you. There are lots of opportunities for determined students who want to make their mark. I will say it is truly one of the top institutes for MBA in India.

Prabhakar Mishra of PGDM 2011-13 Batch, Trivandrum

The Canteen in  DCSMAT

The DCSMAT Cafeteria, unlike the normal college canteens, is quite acceptable from the students’ point of view.  It is not 5 star – not that anyone is expecting that quality in a college canteen.  But it is definitely of a much better standard than the normal college canteens.

The canteen building itself is aesthetically pleasing and well laid out, as well as well furnished.  The kitchen is equipped with the most modern equipment and the canteen observes the highest hygienic standards.

The variety of menu, along with a minimum of nine non vegetarian dishes in a week, I think, is fairly acceptable.  Say, for example, we have chicken biriyani on Sundays and Tuesdays, poori and kuruma on Mondays, chappati and chicken curry on Wednesdays, fish curry on Fridays, fish fry on Saturdays and parathas on Saturdays.  There is no restriction to the quantity of food served to any one.

The canteen caters to the need of North Indian students too. They have a separate mess serving food of their liking.   The College employs a special North Indian cook for this purpose.

Special meals with fairly good menu are served on festival days like Onam, Christmas etc.   Another great thing – morning coffee is served in the hostels by the canteen staff.

Pay and Eat facilities are also available in the campus and also at the teashop just outside the gate of the campus. This shop is run by Mr Babu who had previously served as the cook to the General Manager of the Pullikkanam Tea Estate. For anyone wanting a change, Mr Babu offers a variety of eatables everyday.   He brings together the best of spices, the freshest of vegetables and the sweetest of aromas to prepare the finest of Kerala dishes to suit your palate.

Sunday specials, interesting competitions, and day-to-day merry making add charm to the hostel life and make it a thing of envy to the others.

Events and celebrations are many in the campus – Independence Day celebrations 2011 were unforgettable for all of us and there was festivity and a great sense of patriotism in the air.  Onam, Holi, Diwali and Christmas and New Year are also celebrated by the students and staff with great gaiety and festivity.

We are allowed to celebrate the birthdays of friends with great mirth and fanfare.

Cultural activities and competitions are organized by various clubs every month. We look forward to these events and enjoy every bit of them. They keep the campus vibrant and lively.  Events and celebrations at DCSMAT

Bindiya B Merin – PGDM 2011-13 Batch, Trivandrum

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